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Calibration, Repair, Refurbishment, and Validation Services for Blood Bank & Laboratory Equipment.

Expert technicians investigate and track sources of equipment failures. Preventative actions are incorporated into service procedures so equipment will experience less out of box failures and have a longer life cycle. State Technology is a complete external support group. We can handle all of your customer service needs; provide on-site services, and 24-hour emergency service.

Complete Repair History Tracking
Dedication and Flexibility to meet Customer's Special Needs
Fast turnaround
Reliable, Expert Technicians
Rigorous Quality Standards
Warranty on all instruments serviced

We repair all brands of Dielectric Tube Sealers, new and obsolete equipment, whether vacuum tube or integrated circuit technology which are used in blood banks, blood centers, plasma centers, laboratories, and hospitals. See our ISO scope of certification.

Below are the most common tube sealers that we support.

• Sebra - Haemonetics
• Terumo
• Fenwal
• Baxter Hematron
• Fresenius
• NPBI Composeal
• Sarstedt
• Centron Technologies
• Genesis

• Contact us to see what other types of instrumentation we can repair and refurbish.

We are the most cost effective in repairs. Call us to discuss how we can keep your service cost down.

All of our calibrations are NIST traceable and MEET REGULATORY requirements such as ISO17025, etc. Not all calibration labs are alike. Some labs provide less expensive calibrations without data, as found values or provide any type of maintenance. We provide you with calibrations that you can rely on and use to defend your quality processes.

Weight Calibrations

Certificate of calibration includes: calibration date, calibration due date, equipment and standards used in calibration, NIST traceable report numbers, test environmental conditions, calibration procedure used, accuracy class, true mass value (mass in a vacuum), mass correction in air, uncertainty of measurement process. We use all Mettler Mass Comparator equipment with Mettler and Troemner weight standards.

• Repair/replacement
• Adjustment into tolerance
• Weight cleaning
• Cast Iron Weight Refinishing
• Fast Turnaround
• Reliable, Expert Technicians
• Rigorous Quality Standards
• NIST Traceable, Regulatory Compliant Certificate of Calibration
• Notification letters sent when calibrations are due

Pipette Calibrations

Certificate of calibration with data; biological decontamination; cleaning; preventative maintenance; and adjustments. Calibrations are NIST traceable and meet specifications for volumetric measurement standards.

• Fast turnaround time
• Full pipette service and parts availability for all types and brands of pipettes
• Notification letters sent when calibrations are due
• Technical support
• Detailed Instrument Inspection

Temperature Calibrations

Certificate of calibration with data, cleaning, maintenance and adjustments. Calibrations are NIST traceable and in accordance with NIST Monograph 150. Calibrations for all of your temperature measuring needs.

• Fast turnaround time
• Notification letters sent when calibrations are due
• Technical support
• On-site calibration available including Freezer and Refrigerator validations including Temperature Mapping

Other Services Available (Call for details)

Our customers include: Astra Zeneca, Novartis, Merck, Ortho Clinical Diagnostic, Transcat, Terumo Medical Corp just to name a few.

We are an approved vendor for the American Red Cross.