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State Technology specializes in repairing instrumentation used in clinical diagnostics and transfusion medicine. Our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to repair any type of electronic or electromechanical equipment. Using one supplier for all your instrument service needs is convenient, economical, and allows for complete quality control of your instruments. We are an ISO 9001 registered company that can offer you complete calibration, refurbishment, and repair services at one location.

Repair Calibration
Refurbishment Repair Calibration Services by State Technology Inc, USA
State Technology offers cost effective refurbishment solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and designers of medical devices. Using State Technology as your external support group gives you all of the benefits of having a full-time service team at your side without the responsibility and expense of an internal support group. Our ISO 9001 registered quality system ensures that procedures and processes are in place so you receive consistent, quality results for every piece of equipment. You are relieved of internal repair center audits by regulatory committees and are free to focus your attention on other aspect of your business. Expert, technical professionals analyze equipment failures to provide you with valuable feedback to improve your equipment's dependability and aid in future planning and product development.
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